How to produce leads and results faster with classified sites Best paid advertising sites

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How to produce leads and results faster with classified sites

Easy, but a little costlier way is going paid while advertising online on classified sites. Want to generate excellent leads and sales for your business in an easy and fastest way possible through classified sites? You should try using paid classified sites as they provide best exposure and traffic to your product listings compared to free ad posting.  So,  our reference point is ‘free versus paid classifieds’ and we are not going to discuss paid advertising, like Google AdWords and Bing ads here.

Paid advertising could cost you even less than the free one!

That’s true, in most of the cases, as far as my own experience is concerned. Point is, you spend more time and labor in getting the traffic which you could get more quickly with less labor. If you consider the value of time, then paid advertising or posting premium ads is far better than the free advertising. So, in a scale of time and traffic, paid advertising is more rewarding and more paying and it may prove an effective advertising technique for your online marketing strategies !

Following are some of the most popular businesses and products that may use paid advertising and maximize their ad views by getting highest possible exposure on any classified site, that is through – paid listing/featured ads/premium banner ads/ad space/paid membership :-

  1. Affiliate and Internet marketing programs
  2. Business start-ups
  3. Online businesses
  4. Business services
  5. Dealers & Distributors
  6. Web development, Domain Names, and web hosting companies
  7. Entrepreneurial projects
  8. Financial services
  9. Franchises and home based businesses
  10. Health & Nutrition segments
  11. Part time or freelance work projects 
  12. Income generation
  13. Internet Related
  14. Investments/Loans/Partnerships
  15. Multi-Level Marketing busineses
  16. eMail marketing
  17. software/Books
  18. Tele-communications
  19. Consumer Product and Sales
Posting ads on classified sites is a common place on the web. And, off-course, majority of the people still manage to post ads on free classifieds. Though, there are certain advantages of paying for your listings.
If you want to take a step ahead and willing to pay, go for ‘featured ads’ and ‘ premium membership’ on some of the exclusive classified sites that offer their clients an option to make their ads stay on the top of all other listing pages.
In this way your ads get 20-30 times more exposure than the ones posted by other advertisers on the same site!
By posting featured and premium ads on the paid advertising sites, you stand very good chances to grow your business and sales without wasting any time.
For those of you who are interested in posting premium or featured ads by paying a small amount, we have listed some good classified sites that provide you with an option to maximize your ads views by paying a little amount compared to all the other popular means of paid advertising –  
Along with offering free ad posting, City News also has a section for the advertisers who are willing to pay for getting maximum exposure for their classified ads.

1. epage

ePage is a really big network of classified sites that are connected through affiliation and they offer paid membership or banner ad space based on various CPM rates. They have around 0.65Million listings and get millions page impressions generated per month on their ads. Epage is an old and reputed classified website with a presence of all over the globe. Their prices start from $1.99 and there are many features and options for your paid subscription. Paying a little amount to get premium ad listings on epage is worth your money. Visit their advertising site – www.epage.com

2 City News

Here are some common charges or fees that are applicable when you upgrade the listing from free to paid version. ( no extra charges for posting in specific categories)
  • Featured Ad -$3.00
  • Bolded Listing $1.00
  • Better ad Placement  $1.00
  • Attention Getter $1.00
Visit the classified - www.citynews.com

3 OLX featured ads

No doubt, OLX is one of the most popular and highest search engine traffic getting classified websites all over the world. OLX has a wide presence now.It’s a country based local network of classifieds. Users automatically get redirected to the OLX sub-domain based on their Geo location.
OLX offers featured ads to their customers where they can pay a nominal amount to highlight their ads on the top of the category. OLX has different ad listing criteria, so you have to check whether they are open for featured listings or not. For ex, they have closed featured ads in India around 7-8 months back to focus on a ‘common for all’ ad listings.
Try OLX featured ads in your country www.olx.com

4. Craigslist paid ads

Craigslist, as you may know, is the Number #1 classified website in the World. They offer free ad listings to their advertisers. There is no need to pay to post ads on it, but they also have a premium section reserved for paid advertisers. Paid subscription options range from $5 to $150 or more depending upon your needs or level of exposure.  Post paid or premium ads on Craigslist -http://www.craigslist.org/about/help/paid_posting_accounts

5. Quikr premium ads

Quikr is also a very reputed and popular classified website for general advertisements. They have got great features and provide you with excellent options to take their free or paid advertising. Quikr is basically a free classified site and also offer paid listings for a nominal amount. You can convert any/all of your ads into premium ads that stay top on the categories of your ad listing. Creating premium ads is the best way to get maximum traffic from Quikr. Visit it here - www.quikr.com 

6. KC kingdom Classifieds

A free classified (PR3), but has the option to subscribe their paid advertising, starting from $8.95. They have different kind of plans to suit every needs. Vist them here - http://www.interking.com/ 

7. WRAL.com

You can advertise on their site only for the following categories -
  • Cars & Vehicles 
  • Community ads
  • Products for Sale
  • Jobs/employment
  • Pets
  • Real Estate
  • Property/Rentals 
  • Business Services
  • Yard Sales

 8. 1 Second ( a search end PPC engine)

At 1Second you can create an account easily and deposit minimum $10 and submit your website link and products. Your ads get started coming in the top of the search results of their meta search engine. You can design your campaign and advertise as per your budget and plans. Get thousands of visitors on your website by paying as low as $10 . Try 1 Second.com and see the difference!

9 papaclassifieds featured ads & paid membership

listnol blog– a place to advertise your business, service, or products all around the World. Map and HTML enabled classified advertising site where you can upload your own images and post promote your own classified site with ONLY as little as $50. You can also submit your ads to the featured listing section for as small as $50 for forever .
Visit – http://listnol.blogspot.com/p/contact.html

10. Locanto – add premium features to your ads

Locanto is a worldwide classified and market place where you can post unlimited ads for free. But, good thing is that you can get much better results for your marketing efforts if you use their premium ad features. Locanto provides their advertisers every modern features a classified can have. You can use HTML, insert images, make ads premium, and post unlimited ads. You can easily re-post or modify your ads. And, they are not strict, but every ad goes under moderation/review before getting published.  Make your listing premium with added benefits at Locanto – www.locanto.com
How to produce leads and results faster with classified sites Best paid advertising sites |Free Classified Websites List- Post Ads Without Registrasion, Indian Classified Websites list


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