Top 5 Best Torrent Sites - Download Movies, songs, software etc.

Torrent sites- Torrent is computer to computer file or data sharing protocol to distribute large amount of data around the world it was developed by Bram Cohen a computer sciences engineer, actually this technology using multiple pc's to create smaller network on internet. 


so how it works, for example if i upload a file on internet torrent server or pc i m the one seed or user who uploading a file. so if you are going to download this file witch i uploaded is always be relatively slow however one it downloaded by you, also people who are complete there file downloading they are now going to become part of seeds community at this point if we have lot's of copy or seeds so it increases the downloading speed for new guy who is downloading same file on internet he is getting this file quickly.

This technology is very popular and using by millions of people for shearing their files online with each other the major bani fit to use torrent is this data files are not hosting on any particular one or two servers however this files are stored on different computers so their is a low chance to lost or loose the data from internet even if when some servers or computers are disconnected form internet.

Standard style of data sharing is by from servers like you might be using google drive or Dropbox and when you upload your data, your data is uploaded on servers and downloaded by from same server but this is not the case in torrent, For sharing your files on torrent you need some third party software like u torrent or micro torrent to upload or download data to internet, But speed of downloading is depends on numbers of seeds, so their you didn't have control on speed of file sharing. files are sharing by some peoples or there is a data available without having copywriter of products, like some videos, music, software, games, pdf, eBooks and different type of file are shearing on torrent it is not so secure because lots of files are fake or some of are just virus or malware and that's why it's not so safe (for me torrent files are the one of the best free source to get virus) but still it works well for lot's of people, on internet 4+ % of all data files sharing was done by torrent.

Most Popular Torrent download sites





YTS Torrent

How to use torrent for downloading and How to upload and share your file on torrent-

I know lot's of people dint no about how to use torrent so actually it is not so complicated you just need to download first the application or torrent client this is just like a downloading software or for download anything you need to download a file(this file is tracker of all address ware the data is stored) from torrent sites (listed on top) after downloading this file you need to just open this files on the application like u torrent and it just starts downloading automatically. even we have some very interesting tools like resume your downloading file from anywhere set the speed of downloading and uploading, you are able to download multiple files at one time and lots of other features are available however they advertise a lot i mean a lot really sometimes it just sucks sometimes very ugly or fake ads are popping and it just sucks but still people are using this services.

Top 5 Best Torrent Sites - Download Movies, songs, software etc. |Free Classified Websites List- Post Ads Without Registrasion, Indian Classified Websites list


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