Best Web Hosting providers for Classified website

All top recommended web Hosting providers and guide about how to choose best hosting for classified websites-

Lots of our readers are interested to know about how to build own classified website so that is why we’re going to start a series witch is all about building your own classified site in a simple way so let me give you an idea about what are the most important tools and resource’s you need.

In this series I am going to teach you all things and all tools about classified whether it is related to Domain name(Site Name), Web Hosting, CMS (content management system) and SEO (Search engine optimization for site or anything else.

For start a new website few most important things-

Branded domain name-
Domain is core of your site, chose simple domain which is easy to keep on mind like papaclassified.com how easy it is and for make simple you can add some niche related or branded keywords on the domain.

Web Hosting-
In simple words hosting is just a place where your domain (site name) is going to store for reach by visitors and you for edit or customize. In these days hundreds of online companies are offering web hosting in cheap price so let me tell you about the web hosting type there is mainly three types of hosting is available for your site to make it online 
Top 5 recommended hosting services for classified website
Please recommend your favorite one to help more people, what is working for you.

Shared hosting-
Shared hosting is just like apartment in a building Shared hosting is for mainly beginners or for small sites that has only few pages and post or for less traffic site, Shared hosting is relatively cheap compare to others easy to use for anyone. Mostly people are using it just for wordpress setup to make a site with few pages, web builders, email client ext.
For classified sites shared hosting is not working for long time, high traffic site are going down after some time.

VPS (Virtual Privet Server)-
VPS is truly amazing and ideal for classified website if you have a good amount of traffic and you are serious about your classified or any other site my recommendation go for vps server its powerful it give you more space and more bandwidth vps server is able to handle lots of traffic because as you know classified websites are easily get crowded very fast and lots of spamy ads are going live daily for handling that much of data shared hosting is just goose down it is not able to handle that much of data like text, images, url’s and other things vps is first choice even if your site if just few months old.
Simple tactics if you are running your classified site on shared hosting and website was getting daily 2000+ visits and on an average 200 ads are adding daily on your site after a week your site was going down. Because shared hosting is not have that much of power to handle big or large number of files.
We are personally using bluehost vps (USA) for host our 10 sites including 2 classified websites like http://papaclassified.com and on of our clients site, free recharging site called freerechargeapp.org  and others are hosted on one server all sites are working grate with bluehost.com.

Dedicated server-
Dedicated server is basically owning a building for your home, and yes it is super powerful compare to others and mostly big sites are using dedicated server because of power and price both are really expensive for classified site it has more space and more bandwidth compare to vps and others. If your site was getting more that 25000+ daily unique visits then go for the whole server.

How to choose best hosting for your classified website-

For beginners of for fresh site my first choice is use only shred hosting the basic and simple or cheep some of companies are offering you in just few rupee started form 59 rupee in India. But don’t go that chose hosting from big companies like Hostgator, Bluehost, ipage or some other trusted please buy services from US not from India (if you have credit card or paypal), don’t worry if you only have debit card go buy hosting from India.

Best Web Hosting providers for Classified website |Free Classified Websites List- Post Ads Without Registrasion, Indian Classified Websites list


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