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Every morning when i go to my working desk and trying open my computer, the first thing which i was doing is checking emails and second one is check my social media account mostly FB, this social media sites has been changes our life at least mine, i mean think about how easy is to find your school friend without having any contact details. some of most popular social media websites like Facebook, they makes are identity easy to access by any one who actually want to know about you. think about without having any social site our life is just so complex, if you want to get any information of any other guy your need to talk with the guy and then ask for any information but how easy is with the help of some of great sites we can access all details not all but most of details using this sites.

How much time people are spading on social media sites, dose it just waist of time.
Yes on an average any full time internet users are spending 3+ hours on this social media sites, sometime we are (not all but some of us) are got addiction of using this sites some people are using this sites for full day even working hours so what is the ideal time to use this sites frankly speaking my story was little different i am a person who uses facebook 15 hours in a day when i am in school class 12th, and this is the age of users between 13 to 35 this age group people are mostly using this sites a lot means full day because school going guys did't have any work or job however i have some interesting tips that help you to get out from these space or about how to use services for few times only in a day.

  • Schedule your full working day and add some dedicated time few minutes for social sites, Don't check your facebook or any account between working hours.
  • Don't reply for each massage or don't waste time to wait for get reply from others.
  • Stop using apps push notification its really a distraction for us.
  • Don't bookmark this websites on your office computer try to keep distance at least in office space.
  • By the way any how my recommendation is use this sites because they offers lots of service check below.
Services that social websites are offering to us-
Each social networking site has its own spacial feature, lets see facebook, facebook is the most popular because it has huge audience and this is the best space to find people which we are looking and searching for some of other like twitter ware our celebrity's are frequently posting tweets that we are looking for and not only this sites but also check Instagram it's popular for images stuff and another one LinkedIn huge popular in youth for business or personal profile most of freelancers are getting jobs from this sites because they have killer LinkedIn profile, what i mean is we have huge numbers of sites who are offering lot's of possible services and this is our choice to use what we love to use check below the ultimate list list of top 10 social media sites in India and almost in all locations.
This list is might be little interesting for you please check all top our recommended websites
Some Most Popular Social sites With some interesting facts
  1. Facebook-
    As we know this is one of the huge popular social media site even the second most popular site in the world this company was founded by Mark zuckerberg and some of his friends. And India is the second most popular traffic source country for facebook we have a huge facebook users and a huge numbers of fake account users yes. lets talk about the most popular facebook celebs who has a millions of followers the top five first Narendra modi ji 3 crore 27 lakh plus, second Yo Yo honey singh 28 crore plus, third Deepika padukone more than 27 crore followers fourth salman khan 26 crore and fourth finaly a cricketer Schine tendulkar 25 crore plus, Facebook Page Rank 9 and Alexa Rank 2.
  2. Twitter-
    This site is the second most popular social site did you know 500 Million + twittes are daily produced buy 316m active users, there users are using twitter on their mobile almost 80% + daily twitter users are using twitter on there mobile devices, hear also we Indians are on second position according to number of users for me personal i have twitter account but i am not using twitter may be because i don't have some of my close friends on twitter they are also not an active user like me. But any how this is another huge popular site and the alexa rank is 9 globaly and PR 9-10.
  3. Linkedin
    So let me tell you what is linkedin, linkedin is the worlds largest professional network helping people to find and share opportunity online i think this not directly a social network who connect you with your friends it directly connects you with people who have profile mostly similar like you i mean this is an a professional working network it gives you a space to find opportunity or connections with company, person or any others actually your profile matters for example if you are a writer and i am looking for writer it is easy to find you with the help of linkedin profile there is simple or advance search tool that allow us to find any guy from any profession also you can join professional group to get any solution for solve problem related to your industries that are you looking for.
  4. Instagram
    Instagram is a Online Photos and video sharing network it allow you to just take a picture using your mobile devices and share online with your friends you can also customize your images using the editor it is relay powerful toll that i use a lot. Also one another thing you need to know Instagram is owned by facebook in 2012. now they have 300 million + users globally.
  5. Google plus
    This social network is popular because of google's strong connection this is the main reason people can visit google+, for me personally i think we did't have any extraordinary or exclusive service which is able attract people to come and join but it is still a huge popular with 300 million+ active users, really its true numbers guys.
  6. Pinterest
    Pinterest is basically a website ware we can create a pin board and able to pin our images videos or any other online web based contact but the first impression is could be the image that matters more, any content which you found or seen on Pinterest that mostly should have images it is visual discovery tools also like other social services you can tag peoples and send post privately, for me its all about images.
  7. Tumblr
    This is really the allrounder place, Tumblr provides you services differently this is social network as well as micro-blogging platform, content sharing space ware you can share your images, videos, audio, text content etc. lots of other services are offered by Tumblr and it is still quit popular with 450 million+ users and millions of blogs are running on Tumblr and Global Alexa Rank is 43.
  8. Reddit
    Reddit is another networking site people are using it for entertainment purposes, all registered members can share contents, videos, images and direct web links. they has over 200 million monthly unique visitors.
  9. Flickr
    According to official announcement flickr is the best online photo management and sharing  editing application in the world but in this days they have a huge competitions from other sites some of listed on this list also but there service are really amazing i was also using flickr a lot this site was founded by Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake in Year of 2004
  10. please tell us
    We are looking for our 10 site which should also be popular in youth, we have got some others recommendations but according to us we are looking for ultimate popular in Indian audience so guys please help us to find another best please leave your suggestion in comment section so hopefully we can add another one more for you.
If you have any suggestion regarding positions please let me know.

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